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Professional care for your assets.

Administration. Care!

Economic Property Management:
  • ENTIRE and professional property and tenant management
  • Transparent monthly statements (individual trust accounts)
  • Monitoring and payment of annuities from the rents
  • Management of rapid dunning
  • Monitoring and enforcement Timely rent increases
  • Development and implementation of concepts for increasing rental income and occupancy rates, to reduce loss of rents quota and control and monitoring of the necessary measures
  • Ensuring a quality-assured and coordinated multi-year plan
  • Ensuring consistent and impeccable quality properties and tenants Master Data
  • Delivery of all necessary data for the preparation of proper quarterly and annual reports as well as in cases of property sales
Technical Property Management:
  • Ongoing examination of potential savings in the area of incidential rental costs
  • Development of integrated maintenance concepts, commissioning of necessary repairs, bundling of orders for craft workers
  • Management and control of authorized service providers, and efficiency-enhancing development of commissioning
  • Billing and payment of caretaker wages
  • 24 / 7- Emergency telephone (contingency plans and service availability for your tenants)
Rental / Vacancy Avoid:
  • Design of tenant changes through previews and creating detailed redemption and transfer protocols
  • Enforcement of necessary cosmetic repairs
  • Creation of rental exposés
  • Pre-filtering of interested people
  • Guiding of discussions with prospective tenants on site
  • Performing credit and candidate audits (including Schufa and examination of pay stubs, enquiries at previous landlords)

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