Stable Havens for Wealth Preservation

Due to their economic stability, their legal security, their high rental rates and their yield prospects, investments in rental houses in Germany, in Austria and in Switzerland are the leaders in safe asset classes in international competition.

  • Currency-independent
  • Large target group
  • Secure returns
  • Total loss excluded
  • Stable in value
  • Sustainable Cash-Flow


Wealth Preservation in Turbulent Times

In recent years, the debt of industrialized nations have risen to dizzying heights. A debt repayment is highly unlikely. Is a debt cut coming – or will a lot of countries soon go bankrupt? Can a bank crash pull down the global economy again? Are expropriations of monetary assets to be feared as recently in the EU member state Cyprus? Nobody knows. What is certain is that it can hardly go on like before. The foundation as the basis of large parts of the investment has been severely torn.

Insurance of your wealth

What can be done to protect wealth even in the worst possible case? Which asset classes are really safe and offer protection against monetary devaluation or economic upheavals?

In our booklet on Zinshaus investments, you will learn how you can obtain a sufficient part of your assets across national borders – even in a crisis situation. 

We hope you enjoy reading!

"A good investor always thinks in terms of risks. Anything else would be grossly negligent. The point is to set up a portfolio in such a way that it can largely survive major crises without having to forego all potential returns. Opportunities and risks must be weighed against each other."

— Patrick Saeger
Board Member SAEGER & CIE.

"In the event of foreseeable financial and economic crises, a sufficient part of the assets should be preserved. The share of residential investments of the total assets of our very wealthy clients (UHNWI*) is between 30% and 60%, depending on the investor's need for security."

*UHNWI: Ultra High Networth Individuals

— Heiko Saeger

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