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Analyse. Conceive. Plan.


Doing the right things at the right time.

Market Research:

Analysis of locations and rental markets

Local market analysis and identification of trends and opportunities in the market for apartment buildings

Identifying benchmarks for investment

Site selection

Transaction Consulting:

Structuring, coordination, monitoring and documentation of Placement processes

Control of Due Diligence

Data room construction and coordination

Support / Mediation in contract negotiation

Investment Consulting:

Actual recording, risk / vulnerability analysis and optimisation / design of investment strategies and portfolios

Realisable fair value of apartment buildings, income and comparative valuations

Investment calculations as 'term & reversion', 'discounted cash flow' or residual project value calculations with forecasts for appropriate exit strategies

Creating business plans for funding requests

Property Consulting

Analysis / review of tenant mixes

Value Optimisation: Creating business cases to achieve / enforcement of maximum rent and / or value-enhacement measures

Creating specific investment calculations to your objects

Mediation: avoid litigation costs by settlements with tenants, agreement of unscheduled rent increases for "wish fulfillment" of tenants

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