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Success requires transparency.

Protect & Enhance!

Transparency for your capital employed: Portfolio and Property Controlling


Professional tools of institutional investors: The ongoing management of your real estate investment takes place by using a specialized property investment controlling with profitability indicators based on business plans.

Within the specified investment strategy we observe your investments per location at the single property level and provide regular information on the situation and development (property and location potential).

Optimising your capital employed: Property Benchmarking


We compare the rate of return and the market value of your properties in Germany with the development of yields and market prices of comparable properties in comparable locations (peer group). You receive regularly benchmarks of your property that allow the direct comparison to the corresponding buildings of the peer group.

Our benchmarks provide an objective basis and the necessary transparency for a yield-oriented allocation / optimisation of your total capital employed in the investment property market.


Better investment decisions: Our value-based controlling provides the necessary transparency for a comprehensive performance management of capital allocations in the property market and the basis for deriving meaningful measures to optimise your returns.

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