Looking for safe, sustainable and crisis-proof assets?

Then invest in safe havens. Multi-unit property investments in Germany, Austria or Switzerland – values with sustainable substance and continuous demand.


Zinshaus Investments. Safe and robust.

Zinshaus Investments in Germany, Austria and Switzerland are a leader in the international competition for safe asset classes due to their economic stability, legal certainty, high leasing rates and return prospects

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Welcome to SAEGER & CIE. – the first investment consulting firm for private assets in the housing market

Whether high-net-worth individuals, family offices or asset managers, we guide both national and international investors across all investment phases and risk classes in the housing market.

Whatever your decisions or strategic plans are, we act as your "extended wealth management workbench", discreetly and reliably delivering on your goals in the Zinshaus market with our tools, team and expertise.

We want to guarantee you objective, market-savvy and impartial advice. Therefore, SAEGER & CIE. is and remains an owner-managed family business, independent of external corporate and shareholder interests.

Welcome to SAEGER & CIE.

Management: Patrick Saeger & Oliver Awiszus

Heiko Saeger and Patrick Saeger

Perfect fit for your real estate assets

Customized Services

… coordinated by a personal advisor who takes care of everything for you.

Above all, our customers appreciate our discreet approach and swift transfer of investment properties at market-driven prices in structured off-market deals.

— Patrick Saeger
Founder and Board Member of the SAEGER & CIE.

Reliability and trust are essential in our business. We are here to give you more time for your priorities. Your benefit: Owning real estate without being beholden to it!

— Oliver Awiszus
Founder and CEO SAEGER & CIE.


Private Real Estate Investment Management

Your Advantage

Since the foundation of our company, we have concentrated our resources exclusively on the Zinshaus market. Why?

This enables us to achieve an exceptionally high level of expertise and a number of exquisite accesses to the protagonists in the market like no other company. Access and expertise: The combination of our competitive advantages offers our clients unique benefits ...

... in the sale of Zinhaus proper­ties

  1. Professional, multilingual marketing
  2. Short marketing periods
  3. Best possible revenue
  4. The highest reach - both nationally and internationally

... in the acquisi­tion of Zinshaus proper­ties

  1. Europe-wide market transparency
  2. Broad off-market offering in the D/A/CH region
  3. Competitive prices
  4. Nationwide/international direct investments

... in Manage­ment

  1. Achieving the optimal possible return
  2. Professional instruments used by institutional investors
  3. High transparency over your investments
  4. More time for your priorities!
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