User Terms and Conditions

The document issued in German is legally binding. This English translation is only for the purpose of convenience.

1. User authorisation

When you access this website, SAEGER Zinshaus Investments GmbH grants you revocable and non-transferable permission to use it. This applies only if you acknowledge these User Terms and Conditions and observe the restrictions they impose. You may not interfere with the operation of the site or seek to influence it in any way.

2. Important general information

The data on this website is for your information only. It does not constitute investment advice, or advice on tax or legal matters. Nor does it contain any offer, recommendation or incitement to make investment decisions of any kind, e.g. to deal in financial instruments (including shares, bonds, investment funds, certificates) or to conclude any contracts for financial services (e.g. wealth management) or to conclude any other kind of contract (e.g. Family Office agreements).

In particular, this information should not be used as a substitute for suitable investment and product-related advice. Unless expressly stated otherwise, all pricing information is non-binding.

With respect to information on applicable sales documents, please note that the sole basis for purchase is in each case the relevant sales prospectus, including the contract terms and conditions. These sales documents may be obtained free of charge from the relevant investment fund company or custodian bank, from paying agents, or SAEGER Zinshaus Investments GmbH.

The same applies to other investment products.

Please bear in mind that the value of a financial investment can fall as well as rise. Investors must therefore be ready and able to accept losses on their invested capital. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.

3. Sales restrictions

If documents are made available in English, this does not mean that a distribution licence has been granted or applied for. Further details are available on request.

4. Important notice for US persons

The contents of this website, particularly the published documents and the information contained within, are not permitted for distribution or sale in the USA.

5. Forecasts

This website may contain forecasts. Although such forecasts may represent the views and future expectations of SAEGER Zinshaus Investments GmbH, actual developments and results may differ substantially from such expectations. SAEGER Zinshaus Investments GmbH is under no obligation, and expressly excludes any such obligation, to update its forecasts or to change them, on the basis of either new information or future events, or for any other reason. 

6. Information / Data

SAEGER Zinshaus Investments GmbH regularly checks and updates the information on this website. Despite due care, however, the data underlying this information may have changed in the period since the last review. We therefore accept no liability and offer no guarantee as to whether the information is up to date, correct or complete, excepting liability for gross negligence or deliberate misconduct.

SAEGER Zinshaus Investments GmbH accepts no liability for losses of any kind arising from the use of content and information on this website.

Nor will SAEGER Zinshaus Investments GmbH give any assurance that any function or content on this website, or the site itself, is free of errors and free from viruses or other damaging elements, or that errors will be corrected.

7. Links to other websites

This website may contain links to other websites. When first setting up the link, SAEGER Zinshaus Investments GmbH will have checked the linked site for illicit content and found none at that time. However, SAEGER Zinshaus Investments GmbH has no influence over the current and future design or content of such linked sites and will accept no liability for such content or design. Any use of these websites is at your own risk. If you find that we have linked to websites with illegal or dubious content (e.g. racial hatred, pornography, fraud, deception), please let us know, as any such link is of course unintentional. SAEGER Zinshaus Investments GmbH will then remove the offending links as soon as possible.

8. Copyright and trademark rights

All rights, titles and claims (including copyright, brands, patents and other intellectual property or other rights) in, for and from all information and content (including all text, data, graphics and logos) on this website are fully subject to the respective current regulations and to the property rights of the respective registered owners. Use of this website does not confer any rights to the content. The copyright for the published content created by SAEGER Zinshaus Investments GmbH itself remains with SAEGER Zinshaus Investments GmbH. No such content, including graphics, sound files, video clips and text, may be duplicated or used, either wholly or in part, in any other electronic or print publication or in any other form without the written permission of SAEGER Zinshaus Investments GmbH. If permission is given, its scope must not be exceeded and attention must be drawn to the origin of the duplicated material and to the rights of SAEGER Zinshaus Investments GmbH. The integration of SAEGER Zinshaus Investments GmbH websites into a framework structure (frames) is permitted only after written agreement in advance from SAEGER Zinshaus Investments GmbH.

9. Communication by email

The internet is publicly accessible, which means that ordinary emails sent via the internet are neither confidential nor secure: it is possible that they may be viewed, captured or modified by third parties, or get lost. Emails may cross borders, even if both sender and receiver are in the same country. You should therefore refrain from sending personal or confidential information, particularly account information, by email.

Unless there is an express agreement to the contrary, SAEGER Zinshaus Investments GmbH will not accept orders or instructions sent by email or other electronic messaging systems.

 SAEGER Zinshaus Investments GmbH is not liable either to you or to other persons for losses arising from messages sent by ordinary email or any other electronic messaging system.

When sending confidential information, therefore, you are advised to use postal services.

10. Limits of liability

You use this website at your own risk. You are solely responsible for the consequences of such use and of any downloading of its content.

SAEGER Zinshaus Investments GmbH will accept no liability for any losses of any kind arising from information published on the website, or for failure to publish such information. This applies in particular to losses arising from investment decisions. This exclusion of liability also applies to direct or indirect compensation claims, claims in tort, atypical claims and claims for consequential loss.

This exclusion of liability does not apply where it is prohibited by applicable law, or to gross negligence or intentional misconduct on the part of SAEGER Zinshaus Investments GmbH.

11. Sundry provisions

11.1 Scope

These User Terms and Conditions apply between users of the website and SAEGER Zinshaus Investments GmbH, and also extend to their respective successors in title, and to their respective assignees and agents. Insofar as any rights can be derived from these User Terms and Conditions, SAEGER Zinshaus Investments GmbH may transfer such rights to third parties.

11.2 Availability of the website

SAEGER Zinshaus Investments GmbH reserves the right to modify, suspend or completely cease the operation of this website at any time, including the services, information, properties or functionalities offered on the website that may be accessible through permitted use of the site. SAEGER Zinshaus Investments GmbH also reserves the right to restrict the use of any particular properties, functionalities or services or to restrict access to all or part of the website without notice.

11.3 Transfer of operations

SAEGER Zinshaus Investments GmbH reserves the right at any time to entrust functions relating to the operation of the website to a third party.

11.4 Amendments to the User Terms and Conditions

SAEGER Zinshaus Investments GmbH reserves the right to amend or supplement these User Terms and Conditions at any time.

You should read these User Terms and Conditions each time you use the website in order to familiarise yourself with any possible alterations.

11.5 Contractual agreements

Should any contractual agreement you make with SAEGER Zinshaus Investments GmbH diverge from these User Terms and Conditions, the contractual agreement shall take precedence.

11.6 Voidance clause

Should any provision or part provision in these User Terms and Conditions be unlawful, invalid or unenforceable, this shall not affect the lawfulness, validity or enforceability of the other provisions in these User Terms and Conditions.

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